Implementing Application Enterprise Architecture Part I

| July 31, 2009

Over the next several months, I will be spending my days implementing A application enterprise architecture plan for a client. This will be my first multiple part blog, I will take you through this implementation step-by-step, so those of you who are interested in this wonderful world of the new strategic planning of information technology. […]

The Responsibility To family

| July 29, 2009

Over the last several weeks, I’ve seen many people began to lose hope as the economy worsens in more and more people lose their jobs. as Other people are forced to step up to help support family and friends meet their everyday basic needs food and lodging. We no longer have the support system of […]

The Cultural Communication Gap

| July 27, 2009

For a long time I have chosen not to talk about anything Race-Related. Throughout my career I’ve spentĀ  lots of time at HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) in addition to that quite a few years at traditional universities in the US. However and conversation earlier today with a 27-year-old that I unofficially Mentor. They […]

Information Technology Governance Versus Higher Education

| July 22, 2009

Round 1 The concept of information technology governance is a unique one in itself. Most people view IT governance as a way to strictly manage personnel an A information technology organization. This is the first major flaw in the overall view of IT governance. Governance breaks down into two major functions the primary function is […]

The Shortage of Information Technology Professionals in Higher Education

| July 17, 2009

Over the last year we have been experiencing a extreme turnover in our information technology staff, we are a small college and rural Kansas. As more and more jobs become open in the higher education information technology market, our people are leaving like a rat would leave a seeking ship. This is due to several […]